Artistic Interlyceal 2024

The AI final nights are over. How radiant all the participating students were on stage and how incredibly hard the students who helped behind the scenes worked to make it a success. And it was! 


The first final night of the Artistic Interlyceal

On Monday night it was the turn of the dance and movement and classical music sections.

Mees Kars became the winner of the dance solo section. Ruiting Wang from the bridge class managed to qualify for the classical solo section with a beautiful piano piece. The dance group shook the hall with a fantastic homemade choreography and our school orchestra with no less than 21 musicians played three beautiful compositions led by conductor Rien Snoeren. Rien has accompanied our students for 37 years. Thank you Rien for your years of enthusiasm and commitment to the LCL school orchestra.


The second final night of the Artistic Interlyceal

On Tuesday night it was the turn of the music free, drama and eloquentia sections. No less than five soloists performed their piece this evening, alternated with three bands. For the part music free solo Lieke and Yasmine represented our school with a self-written song and also the winning band (E=Mc2) surprised the jury with their own composition. The drama group of no less than 15 students managed to translate the IJSingwekkend theme into bloody mafia scenes that sent shivers down your spine. For the eloquentia section, Theo (V6) and Nour (HV1B) were crowned winners.

The professional judges, who were watching the entire evening from the balcony, spoke to the students personally at the end of the evening and expressed how very clever they thought what our students managed to do on stage.


The exhibition

During the evening, announcements were made of the visual arts, essay and poetry, music production and checkers and chess. Mick and Tygo's winning film and Tyrus Harper's music production were played and Jurre Klomp read his winning poem.

During the break, visitors could enjoy the large art exhibit where the components, drawing, crafts, photography, imaging and video were displayed. This exhibit will be on display for two more weeks in the lobby of the L Building.


A great success

It was two beautifully varied evenings where almost all art forms were covered. Thanks to all the students and staff who helped in any way to shape these evenings.

Friday, April 5, we will go with all the winners to the Kennemer Lyceum in Overveen. There we will meet the Amsterdam Lyceum, the Baarnsch Lyceum and the Kennemer Lyceum and we will compete to be able to take the AI Challenge Cup back to Eindhoven. For all those at home, this day can be followed live via a livestream connection at

We would like to wish all the winners the best of luck and most of all have fun on finals day!