Quest is the name we have given to an entirely unique form of education in which students learn to cooperate, research, present and evaluate. In the bridge class, students have Quest lessons; in grades 2 and 3, Quest is offered as a project.

Students work in groups on different Quest projects per grade. The projects start from a current or relevant issue and are cross-curricular. Both digital literacy and citizenship education have a place within Quest. In addition, students work on their research skills. A guest lesson, a company visit or a workshop by an external expert provide a connection to the world outside the school.

Each project concludes with a final presentation. Parents and other interested parties are often present at this. It is a great moment to see your son or daughter among fellow students, under the guidance of the Quest subject teacher and the mentor. 



A live stream allows interested parties to follow the new construction 24 hours a day:


Construction app

For information and communication about the new building, you can use the Dura Vermeer Construction App. This is an App for on your phone so you can always be directly informed about the work and progress of the construction. With this ConstructionApp you can also contact the contractor at any time with a question about the work. The Dura Vermeer BouwApp is free to download for Iphone in the Appstore and for Android in the Google Play Store, or scan the QR code below.


Start preparations for new construction

The preparations for the start of the new building have begun! To celebrate that moment, we took one last time pictures and movies with all the students on the grounds behind our school. The new school will soon be built on that site. And that is going to look very beautiful!
What a beautiful sunny ☀️moment it was to form the letters LCL together. It looked fantastic!

Want to know more about the new building?

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Design and drawings