New construction

August 2024

Location and experience

Our new school building will be completed in August 2024. Therefore, when you start as a freshman in school year 2024 - 2025 you will no longer be taught in our current building, but may start immediately in a brand new school building. 

The new building will also soon be in the middle of greenery. Just like the building we are in now. We will even plant new trees so it will be even greener. The new building is designed so that there is an important relationship between the indoor and outdoor areas. The view outside will soon still be as beautifully green as it is now. Outside there are plenty of places where you can exercise, take a break or walk.

And there will be a new, large bike shed so that all your bikes can be put away neatly and safely. 

Take a look at our new school

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What will our building look like?

Sustainable, circular and (almost) energy neutral

In the run-up to and during our construction work, much attention is paid to ecology and greenery; our school building will be built energy-efficiently, with reuse of materials and with the lowest possible emissions of nitrogen and CO2. In addition, our new building is sustainable, well ventilated, receives plenty of daylight and is (almost) energy-neutral.

Some facts:

  • We moved our building a lot because we have a protected salamander in the garden pond;
  • Around the school are nesting boxes for bats; 
  • There will be 40 nest boxes in the new building;
  • Most of the trees remained standing;
  • We will have solar panels and a green roof;
  • Rainwater is collected in wadis and then released into nature.

Website municipality of Eindhoven

On the website of the municipality of Eindhoven you can find more information about the way we pay attention to ecology and green, which traffic measures will apply and more info.
For a link to the website of the municipality; click here.


Construction start: April 1, 2023
New construction ready: summer 2024

Are you already familiar with our construction app?

For information about the new building you can use the Dura Vermeer Construction App. This is an App for your cell phone that keeps you informed of the work and progress of the construction. Through this ConstructionApp you can contact the contractor if you have questions about the work. The Dura Vermeer ConstructionApp is free to download for Iphone in the Appstore and for Android in the Google Play Store, or scan the QR-code.



New building update

Below you will find the latest news on the progress of the new building. Construction continues at a rapid pace and we are counting down with you to August 2024!


Update new construction: working together

Since our new building is a collaboration between many different organizations and bodies, a film was made. The theme of this film is sustainability, circularity and collaboration. 

Several people will be interviewed including our own Yvonne van Zijl, conrector (new building). 

Update new construction: we have a name

Starting this week, we can also point out exactly where the front door is, as we have our name on it. Even when it's dark, you can't miss the main entrance. 

Update new construction: more and more color and shape

Over the past few days, more and more finishing touches are being made. There is already a lot more color present, especially near the toilets and around the classrooms. In fact, each floor has a different color. The colorful checkrooms have also been installed with bulletin boards above them. Throughout the school there is now space to hang work or other items. The binask classrooms also have the reused cabinets and other classrooms and consultation rooms are being furnished.

Update new construction: personal tour

Last weeks, teachers and support staff toured the new building. Each tour looked different, because they are working so hard. Here is a look behind the scenes of the new building. Take a look at the daylight-rich classrooms, the spacious auditorium and the huge gymnasiums. We can't wait to move in!


Update new construction: from old to new

Over spring break, all sorts of things were taken down in the L and C building to transfer to the new building. For example, the climbing wall in the gymnasium was dismantled and already assembled in the new building. And the balustrade in the C auditorium has been dismantled and moved to the new building. A temporary balustrade has been installed in our auditorium for the next few months. The Ceramic relief in C auditorium has been dismantled with much effort and dust. Soon when it will be placed in the new building it will be quite a jigsaw puzzle, the artwork will be in stairwell. And finally, the mosaic artwork "Horsemen" in L Hall was an exciting job to dismantle, but fortunately went completely well. The artwork consisted of plates of an estimated 200 kg, which were also found to be bolted down. The artwork has already been placed in the auditorium of the new building. The dismantling and placing took 3 days.


What do our students think of the new building?

We asked our students what they think of the new building. Are you curious what they have to say? Then watch the video. 


New building update: getting ready for the open house

Construction continues to progress on schedule. The roof is closed, the interior walls are almost all in place and people are busy installing all the installations. 

Despite last week's freeze and snow, we have not been idle. Construction is still in full swing, of course also in preparation for the open day on Saturday, January 27. Then future students from group 7&8 and their parents can take a look at the new building (under construction). 

Among other things, wallpapering and tiling will begin in the coming weeks, and bamboo boards will be installed on the facades.


First residents new building

The first residents can already take a seat in the new building: the bats. More than 40 bat boxes and bat window boxes will be installed in the facade of the new building in the near future (see photo). The photo shows a two-layer bat box.

In the meantime, hard work is being done. The roofer has finished, the large skylight above the aulra stairs has been installed, the roofing sheets on the gymnasiums have been installed and work has started on the plating of the gymnasium walls. Before the Christmas vacations the building will be wind and watertight.

On Wednesday, Dec. 13, the highest point will be celebrated in the presence of Alderman Steenbakkers, among others.

In addition, this week we received an agreement from construction to allow visitors from grade 7&8 and their parents to take a look at our new building (under construction) during our Open House on January 27.


New construction update: stairs, window frames with glass and gymnasiums installed

Work on the new building is going according to schedule. Hard work is being done on all sides to deliver the new building by the end of June 2024.

During the fall break, in the pouring rain, the main stairs were installed with special equipment. 

Meanwhile, many window frames with glass have already been installed and the gymnasiums with the steel structure are beginning to take their shape. 

The celebration of the highest point is Wednesday, December 13, in the presence of our alderman. Before the Christmas vacations, everything will be wind and watertight.



New construction update: second floor installed

Our new building is beginning to take shape. The floors of the second floor have been placed and they have started with the steel construction (roof) of the part that will not have a floor anymore. They expect to place the walls of the gymnasiums around week 44.

You can also already see the so-called HSB (timber frame construction) walls, this is where the window frames will soon be placed.

Meanwhile, the stairs and landings in the stairwells have also been largely installed.


New building update: spaces are already becoming visible on the first floor

Work has been hard over the past few weeks, thanks in part to the good weather. The floor of the first floor is finished and the walls of the rooms on the first floor are already becoming visible. 

In mid-September, the stairs and landings to the second floor will be installed, and by the end of September, the floor of the first and second floors will be there. Then the stairs to the second floor will also be installed.


Update new building: part of foundation is poured

In the aerial photos, the outline of our new school is already fully visible. Part of the foundation has already been poured. Before the start of the construction vacations (which is before the end of July 2023), the first floor will be in place. See attached photos.

Official start of new construction

The official starting signal has been given for the construction of our new school! On Monday, May 15, the students of the LCLV together with the Alderman Stijn Steenbakkers raised the flag next to the construction site 🌞.


Start preparations for new construction

The preparations for the start of the new building have begun! To celebrate that moment, we took one last time pictures and movies with all the students on the grounds behind our school. The new school will soon be built on that site. And that is going to look very beautiful!
What a beautiful sunny ☀️moment it was to form the letters LCL together. It looked fantastic!