For new parents

Of course, as a parent, you want your son or daughter to make the right choice for high school. Here you can find all the information that can help you guide your son or daughter in making the high school choice.

Parent committee & MR

For practical matters outside the lessons we like to call on the parents from the parent committee. The members of the parent committee are involved in the organization and implementation of various (extra-)school activities. Many activities could not be organized without the cooperation of the parent committee.

Parental contribution

The Lorentz Casimir Lyceum asks the parent(s)/caregiver(s) of the students for a voluntary parental contribution in order to fund activities and facilities that are not paid for by the government, but are considered by the school as an important addition to our education.

Sick call, cancellation and getting better

Reporting sick from home
Absences must be reported by telephone before 8:30 a.m. on telephone number 040 - 290 94 20. The janitor then ensures that the student is reported absent in Magister so that all teachers are informed.

Dental and doctor's visits must also be reported to the janitors by phone or in writing in a timely manner so that our absentee record is optimal.

Reporting sick during a school day
If a student feels sick during the school day and wants to go home, contact is always made with home before we let the child go home. We therefore ask that you take a moment to report that the student has arrived home safely so that we do not have to worry unnecessarily.


When the student is better again, we ask that you report this to the janitor at the beginning of the morning so that the better report can be processed in Magister.

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Vacation Planning

  • Fall break October 16 through 20, 2023;
  • Christmas vacations December 25, 2023 through January 5, 2024;
  • Spring break February 12 through 16, 2024;
  • Easter March 29 through April 1, 2024;
  • May vacation April 22 to May 3, 2024;
  • Ascension May 9, 2024;
  • Whit Monday, May 20, 2024;
  • Summer vacation July 8 to August 16, 2024.


Study days 2023-2024 (students free):

  • Study day Oct. 5, 2023, all day;
  • Study afternoon December 13, 2023, from the 6th class hour;
  • Study afternoon March 12, 2024, from the 6th class hour;
  • Study afternoon June 13, starting in the 6th hour.