Brainport School

Attention to themes that distinguish our region

The Lorentz Casimir Lyceum is a member of the Brainport Schools partnership. We work together with other schools, companies and organizations in the region. Together, we ensure that our education is as closely aligned to the future and the environment as possible. In our Brainport region, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and sustainability play a major role. Brainport schools are distinguished by their special attention to these themes.

21st-century skills

As a Brainport school, our school program pays close attention to 21st-century skills, such as collaboration, communication, planning, organizing and critical and innovative thinking. In lessons, we also focus on the themes of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and sustainability. We organize many activities at school through which students master 21st-century skills and themes, such as:

  • Quest;
  • 3Design;
  • BrainSport excellence program;
  • Business class;
  • Enhanced language teaching;
  • Foreign travel;
  • First Lego League;
  • First Tech Challenge;
  • Debate Club. 


We also join projects organized from Brainport schools, such as:

  • Class of Entrepreneurship;
  • Class of Excellence;
  • Grand Challenge.


This puts us at the center of society and connects us to the world around us.


Our strengths

The admissions committee of the Brainport Schools partnership believes that the Lorentz Casimir Lyceum has an excellent starting position for further development as a Brainport school. According to the committee, these are our strengths: