Working with laptops

Starting with school year 2024/2025, the entire lower school and VWO 4 will use laptops in the classroom. In this way, we can more easily use the technological developments in our classes to provide appropriate and challenging education.

Through the laptop, it is possible to provide more customization within the teaching methods. We can better connect to current events and we can tap into a wide variety of resources that enrich and support the lessons. Moreover, students will have a better connection to subsequent education if they learn to use the laptop to their own advantage. 

Purchasing laptops

To buy or rent a laptop, we have partnered with The Rent Company, a reliable partner in secondary education for this purpose. The laptop of The Rent Company meets the requirements of the school, in the sense that we guarantee that all methods we use will run smoothly on the laptop of The Rent Company, and (not unimportantly) that the extra powerful battery of this laptop will last a whole school day and interim recharging is not necessary. Moreover, you can purchase a service package from The Rent Company, allowing our system administrators to help your child immediately in case of any problems. A loaner laptop is also available at all times.

Purchasing your own laptop

Of course, you can also choose to purchase your own laptop. Click here for the minimum specifications for a laptop and software. Through stichting Leergeld, you can apply for financial assistance to purchase a laptop, if needed. More information can be found via this link.


If you have further questions about the use of laptops in the classroom, please contact:

Will your child be working with a laptop this coming school year? If so, you will soon receive an invitation to an information session.