Sports Days

Every year fields days are also organized for the different year layers, where exercise and having fun are the focus. In the schedule below you can see what you will be doing in each year layer.

First classes (March)

My choice field day

On this field day, it is the turn of our freshmen. They get to choose from 12 different sports, following a clinic at the TU/e Sports Center's sports facilities.

Second classes (February)

Skating and swimming field day

In this field day, our second graders make the choice of swimming or skating on this day. As icing on the cake, there is also the chance to participate in a real triathlon (skating, running and swimming).

Third classes (June/July)

Battle of the Classes

On one of the last school days of the year, classes compete on our sports fields against each other for the prize for the best class. However, there are also prizes this day for the cutest class name and prettiest outfit. All in all, a festive end to the junior year. 

Fourth classes (May)

Various tournaments

Again, the students are given a choice of a wide range of sports offered both at school and externally. Within the chosen sport they compete with each other and together we make it a fun, sporty day.