Participation Council

Updated on: August 16, 2023

Topics for this chapter

Like all schools, our school has a Participation Council, which can and should be involved in numerous matters by the rector/administrator. In the participation council, parents, students, teachers and educational support staff speak with each other and with the management about the general state of affairs at school. The MR regularly receives requests from the rector/administrator to advise on, agree with or contribute to policy proposals of various kinds. The MR has the power to advise and the power of consent in accordance with the WMS (Wet Medezeggenschap op Scholen).

The MR gives advice on the main lines of financial policy, the timetable, vacation arrangements and so on. The MR's power of consent applies to subjects such as the educational objectives of the school, the school plan, safety and personnel policy.

The full MR consists of 12 people, including six employees, three parents and three students. The members of the participation council can be reached at the e-mail address:

In the 2023-2024 school year, the Participation Council will consist of the following members:

Staff delegation:

  • Mr. B. (Bas) Friesen
  • Mr. J.W.C. (Jacky) van Houtert
  • Ms. Dr. Y.F. (Yvonne) Jussen (chairman)
  • Mr. E. (Eddy) van Kuppevelt MA (secretary)
  • Mr. A. (Alex) Stellaard
  • Ms. L. (Loes) de Waele

Parent delegation:

  • Ms. J.I.M.G. Donkers Med SEN
  • Mr. M.P. van Essen
  • Ms. ir. E. Termorshuizen

Pupil participation:

  • Ishaan Kumar
  • Olaf de Lint
  • Theo Qi