Updated on: August 16, 2023

Topics for this chapter


The school year is divided into four periods (trimesters). Students receive grade reports twice a year. A moving average is used in all years. Throughout the year, students receive grades for examinations, tests and school exams. These grades are weighted in a certain way and the report card then shows the moving average. Thus, all grades earned continue to count toward the final grade. It is important for the student to continue to perform well throughout the year. The last report card, on which the final grade is finalized, is the basis for the promotion decision. Final exam students receive a grade report after each testing period with the results obtained up to that point. Thus, they do not receive a report card, but an overview of grades in the examination file.

A student may not duplicate the same grade twice, neither in the same nor in another department. Nor may a grade be duplicated if the previous grade was also duplicated. An exception to this rule may be made for final examination candidates.

The reports

  • The report card is a record, represented in grades, of the student's performance during the past term.
  • Teachers will inform students at the beginning of the year exactly how their subject report grades are arrived at. For each achievement, they will communicate how many times that achievement counts.
  • Grades on reports are given to one decimal place. Final grades on the final report are rounded to whole numbers.
  • Through Magister, you and your child have access to the weighting and creation of report grades.